of sculpture by Ross Matteson   2001 - 2003

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Deadly Curves

Dangerous Curves

Cold-Country-thumbnail-DSC0.jpg (2575 bytes)

Cold Country

Gold-Dust-thumbnail-DSC0897.jpg (2553 bytes)

Gold Dust  


Good-Morning-thumbnail-DSC0.jpg (1694 bytes)

Good Morning

Prairie Queen

Truth-Soars-thumbnail-DSC02.jpg (1820 bytes)

Truth Soars

Western-Sandpiper-Tripych-t.jpg (4907 bytes)

Western Sandpiper Triptych  

Byrd 2002



Structure-of-Love-thumbnail.jpg (3020 bytes)

The Structure of Love is Indestructable

Eagle Head Staff  thumbnail.GIF (7126 bytes)

Eagle Head Staff

Down Stream (fish side) thumbnail.GIF (8105 bytes)


Elk Head Canoe

Sunset Steelhead

Liquid Assets thumbnail.GIF (4877 bytes)

Liquid Assets

California Quail
Otter's Cup

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