Step 10:  Attaching the owl and plaque to the rock 

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d11img031s.JPG (11918 bytes)

The underside of the owl has three threaded stainless steel nuts welded on for the purpose of attaching the owl to the rock.

d11img035s.JPG (11852 bytes)

The threaded steel rod that fits these nuts must first be cut.  I cut two sets (3 short and 3 long.)  The short ones are used to mark where the holes will be drilled on the top surface of the rock.

d11img032s.JPG (14859 bytes)

d11img034s.JPG (11699 bytes)

d11img036s.JPG (12099 bytes)

The short rods are then replaced by these longer ones which are screwed in and are now ready to be epoxied into the drilled holes.  

d11img037s.JPG (12701 bytes)

d12img026s.JPG (11736 bytes)

The owl is now permanently attached to the rock.  Before this could be done however, careful consideration was given to such factors as height for viewing and interaction, final placement, presentation and use of the sculpture.   Many options were tested and evaluated until the right choice became obvious.

d12img027s.JPG (12472 bytes)

In the case of this casting for McLane Elementary School, a dedication plaque is needed.   To install the plaque, the holes in the plaque are transferred to the rock with a small permanent marker.

d12img030s.JPG (11634 bytes)

Holes are drilled into the rock in line with marks I have made.

d12img031s.JPG (9995 bytes)

Wooden plugs are glued into the holes so that they are flush with the surface of the rock.

d12img035s.JPG (10230 bytes)

Then, small brass wood screws are used to attach the small plaque.

d12img037s.JPG (13109 bytes)

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