Step 11:  Making the final presentation 

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Getting the sculpture out of my studio takes a bit of effort.   First, I temporarily remove the plaque to protect it from getting scratched.   There are many ways to lift heavy pieces, but in this case I start by leveraging the 3/4 inch steel plate up onto wood blocks with a long pry bar.

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When it is high enough, I roll a sturdy dolly under the steel plate.   Now the sculpture can be wheeled outside where it is then covered with a blanket and fitted with lifting straps.

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Dean Edenstrom gracefully lifts it onto his truck with a log lifting crane that he often uses for placing stones.

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At the school, we gently place it back onto the steel plate which is already on the dolly.   We simply push it over the smooth sidewalk and in through the front door.

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Seven months have passed from the time when the principal Mrs. Hodge and I posed together with the big blue block of foam.   Now it's time for the dedication!  

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We are ably assisted in the unveiling.

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I stress the advantages of doing art that is a reflection of what we individually observe, think about and love.

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The End

(Special thanks to Alanna and Genny Matteson, Larry Gustafson, Tammy Diamond,

Judy Porter, Bob Iyall, Rob Whitworth, Tim Parks and Parks Bronze for helping with photography.

Special thanks to the students and staff at McLane School and to a supportive Olympia community.)

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