Step 9:  The support form

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d11img030s.JPG (16632 bytes)

The support form for this first casting of Spring Snow is a granite rock chosen from my friend Dean Edenstrom's landscaping rock inventory.

d11img004s.JPG (14740 bytes)

After this more than 400 pound stone is transported to my studio, I turn it upside down and construct a steel foot that will "level" the bottom of the stone.   To attach the foot I flatten a place on the rock.   I'm using a roto-hammer with a chisel point here.

d11img008s.JPG (9608 bytes)

I continue the flattening with an angle grinder fitted with a masonry disk.

d11img009s.JPG (13490 bytes)

Sandblasting is done to clean the sides and top of the rock and the steel foot.   This "foot" is then painted.

d11img011s.JPG (20327 bytes)

Holes are drilled for the expansion pins that attach the steel foot to rock.

d11img012s.JPG (12013 bytes)

These pins are then hammered into place.

d11img013s.JPG (11356 bytes)

One sturdy foot ready to test!

d11img019s.JPG (15493 bytes)

When I turn over the rock and temporarily place the sculpture on it, to my dismay I find that my calculation for the three point suspension is off.   The imbalance allows the rock to tip with relatively little pressure.

d11img029s.JPG (14373 bytes)

So, once again, I turn the rock upside-down and add another foot in the needed place.

d11img025s.JPG (14316 bytes)

This one is adjustable in height and effectively solves the problem. 

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