Sculpture by Ross Matteson

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1990 by Ross Matteson   bronze    13 x 14 x 9 inches   edition size 20

Orcasphere  is a bronze sculpture of a male and female killer whale.   At an impressionable age I was awe struck with a very close view of a wild bull orca out on open water.    Since then, this intelligent creature has been the subject of a number of my works.   I found it essential to make a reference model for Orcasphere from a living whale.    I did this while observing three orcas at the Vancouver Aquarium in British Columbia, Canada.   Working next to the underwater observation window, two of the three whales came up to the glass with their curious eye only inches from my working model.    Orcasphere can be positioned at any one of three different angles.

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[photo credit: Ross Matteson]